Untreated hearing loss has been connected to various health risks, including cognitive decline

Can Hearing Aids Help You Live Longer?

by | May 30, 2024 | Hearing Aids

As you age, taking care of your health becomes paramount – this includes hearing health, which often goes unchecked.  

Have you ever wondered if addressing hearing loss could extend your life? 

Why You Should Care about Hearing Health 

Regular health check-ups often include vision tests, dental visits, and physical exams but tend to overlook hearing health. However, considering that studies have demonstrated a correlation between hearing health and overall longevity, neglecting this aspect could be a mistake. 

A groundbreaking study led by Dr. Janet Choi from the University of Southern California examined how hearing aids impact longevity. Tracking nearly 10,000 participants with a hearing loss, Dr. Choi’s findings were remarkable: those who used hearing aids regularly experienced a 24% lower mortality rate than those who did not use hearing aids at all. 


Lower mortality rate than those who did not use hearing aids at all

The Link between Hearing Loss and Increased Risks 

Untreated hearing loss has been connected to various health risks, including cognitive decline, social isolation, increased incidence of falls, and overall physical decline.  

With professional hearing care and the right assistive technologies such as hearing aids, you can mitigate these risks. 

How Hearing Aids May Boost Longevity 

The study emphasizes that consistent use of hearing aids can significantly reduce mortality risk. Yet, it also found that only 12% of participants adhered to regular usage outside the study.  

Hearing loss is often imperceptible in its initial stages, leading many to use hearing aids inconsistently or not at all, failing to adapt to them fully. 

Regular usage of hearing aids, combined with routine ear cleaning and professional hearing assessments, can improve both hearing health and general well-being. 

Overcoming the Stigma and Embracing Hearing Aids 

There is a stigma attached to wearing hearing aids, often seen as bulky, visible devices meant only for the elderly.  

Modern hearing aids, however, are discreet – some are entirely invisible, fitting entirely within the ear canal.  

This advancement helps many overcome the reluctance associated with wearing hearing aids. 

Professional Hearing Care: More than Just Hearing Aids 

We understand that professional hearing care is crucial for a fulfilling life. Our comprehensive hearing assessments delve into potential causes of hearing loss, such as genetics, environmental factors, or underlying health conditions.  

This thorough evaluation helps determine the most effective treatment tailored to each individual’s needs. 

Hearing aids do more than improve hearing; they enhance safety by enabling better awareness in environments like traffic, and they enrich social interactions and enjoyment of activities that bring joy and satisfaction. 

Nearly 38 million Americans are affected by hearing loss, yet only a third pursue professional hearing care.

Quality hearing care, coupled with the right hearing aids, can significantly enhance life quality and potentially increase longevity. 

Schedule Your Hearing Assessment

Are You Ready to Hear Better and Live Longer? 

If this information resonates with you, consider how professional hearing care might benefit not just your hearing but also your overall health and lifespan. 

Contact Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center today to schedule a comprehensive hearing assessment or to discuss your hearing care options. Enhance your hearing and possibly extend your life. 

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Mark Rahman, BC-HIS

Mark Rahman has had a long and impressive 23 year background specializing in adult hearing loss. He received his Board Certification in 2006 from the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences (BC-HIS) Mark Rahman is also a long-standing member of the Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals (FSHHP) and the International Hearing Society (IHS)

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