Hearing Health Journeys

Many individuals face challenges, conflicts, or concerns when considering improving their hearing. To assist in addressing these concerns, some of our exceptional patients have agreed to share their experiences with you.

Patient undergoing Hearing Health Assessment at Gulf Gate Hearing Center

Hear What Our Patients Have To Say

Many Times They Have Come To My Rescue

by S Foster

I've Not Had One bad Experience at Gulf Gate

by Jan Tate

These Folks Are Absolutely Wonderful, They Can't Do Enough

by Rich Weber

Very Happy With The Whole Practice

by Susan Strong

Patricia T, hearing loss patient of Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center

“Change your life for the better.”

Oftentimes, hearing loss doesn’t just limit your hearing ability, but it can also affect your overall sense of well-being.

Patricia recalls, “I was dining with a table of people in a restaurant and I could not follow the conversation. As a result, I felt frustrated and didn’t want to be there because I could not hear. It is embarrassing to keep asking the speaker to repeat what was said.”

Knowing she couldn’t continue living this way, she decided to make an appointment with an audiologist. However, this also left her feeling rather unsettled. “Getting hearing aids for the first time brought on feelings of insecurity and self-consciousness,” she says. “These feelings quickly left once I was able to hear again.”

Unfortunately, “hearing again” initially took a bit longer than expected. But the good news is that Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center successfully addressed Patricia’s hearing loss and turned her life around 360°.

Patricia explains, “Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center was the third hearing center I have worked with and by far the best. I left my first audiologist out of frustration with her inability to properly fit me with hearing aids. She was not familiar with the technology, and the process of adjusting the devices was unnecessarily frustrating and lengthy.”

At Patricia’s first appointment with Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center, she underwent a comprehensive hearing assessment. This involved a series of specialized hearing tests followed by an in-depth conversation about Patricia’s unique hearing needs and her treatment options. As a result, she was fit with hearing aids specifically tailored to her hearing loss and lifestyle.

Needless to say, the difference is amazing. Patricia says, “I am more confident and do not feel at all self-conscious about wearing hearing aids. In fact, I talk openly about wearing hearing aids and encourage others who are experiencing hearing challenges to go to Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center.”

Rating Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center a 10/10, Patricia advises potential patients, “Getting hearing aids from a trained professional like Mark will change your life for the better.

Schedule an appointment immediately! The professional staff at Gulf Gate Hearing will assist you with finding the right devices and make the fitting and adjustment process easy. I now talk openly about wearing hearing aids and encourage anyone who is struggling with hearing loss to seek professional help.”

Addressing the subject of over-the-counter hearing aids, Patricia says, “There is lots of talk today about buying hearing aids without a prescription, but I cannot imagine how one would get a satisfactory result without a professional like Mark Rahman.”

– Patricia T.

Donna Jonas, hearing loss patient of Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center

“You will wonder why you waited so long.”

When Donna was faced with a hearing loss, suddenly her golden years didn’t seem so golden.

She recalls, “I was so upset! I thought I was an active, healthy young senior! How could I be losing my hearing? How bad will it get? Will I have to wear those ugly hearing aids for ‘old people?’”

In fact, the more she thought about, the more daunting the situation became. Prior to her appointment with Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center, she had even more questions playing on her mind.

“Will my hearing aids help to get back my ‘normal’ hearing and lifestyle? How do I choose the right aids?” she recalls thinking. “It felt like my whole life was turning upside down!”

Donna found her safe haven at her first appointment. “When I walked through the door, I was greeted by a friendly, warm receptionist. She offered me a beverage or a snack. She made me feel welcome. The office was clean, neat, attractively designed, with a beverage station, TV, and reading material. It certainly showed the pride of those that work there,” she says.

At her comprehensive hearing assessment, Donna had the opportunity to share her concerns and challenges before undergoing a variety of tests. Following this, she was prescribed hearing aids based on her hearing needs and active lifestyle.

Now, Donna’s future is looking bright.

“At first it was a challenge…to accept that I needed them, and then to get used to them, but now it is the first thing I grab when I wake up, and the last thing I do before going to sleep,” she begins. “I could not think of not having them to lead my active life. I no longer feel that I have any shortcomings from my hearing.”

Donna gives Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center a 10/10 rating and eagerly reassures prospective patients, saying, “First and foremost, there is no one like Mark Rahman. He is the most patient, caring person I know! He spends time with you, teaches you, and is available all through your journey with hearing aids.

“I went to a few other offices before I found Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center, and when I found Mark, I stopped looking! He is the best! When you take your journey through your hearing loss, you will find that it’s all ok, actually, great to hear everyone. You will wonder why you waited so long!”– Donna J.

John Scibak, hearing loss patient of Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

John’s hearing seemed fine, but when he found himself among many people, the truth soon revealed itself. He recalls, “In a group setting, I realized everyone else could clearly hear what was being said, but I missed much of the conversation.”

Turning to Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center for help, John was soon impressed with what he found. He said it’s a “convenient location” and he liked the “friendly staff who were committed to providing great customer service.”

Now, with his new hearing aids, John’s hearing doesn’t disappoint – no matter where he is. “I’m able to hear clearly in various settings – at home watching television, in restaurants, at the theatre,” he notes.

John rates Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center a 10/10, saying, “The staff at Gulf Gate is committed to helping you find the best hearing aid to meet your needs and provide the best service after your purchase. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

– John S.

Peter Anastos, hearing loss patient of Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center

“A-1 service.”

Peter became aware of his hearing loss when he experienced “confusion in a restaurant.”

Already a hearing aid wearer, Peter was new to the Sarasota area and simply needed a new audiologist for his hearing care.

He says his first impressions of Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center were “neutral.” He recalls “no white coats” and a “modest office.”

Following his initial appointment, Peter’s hearing aid prescription was updated along with his hearing aids.

Now, he’s impressed with his care, saying he is “connected with everything and everyone.”

When asked if he would recommend Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center to others, he says, “Absolutely.” He adds that they are “up to date with new technology” and provide “A-1 service,” saying that they are “honest and forthright.”

Peter gives Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center a 10/10 rating.– Peter A.


“They are here to help.”

Elizabeth’s hearing loss became noticeable to her 10 years ago. When she decided to seek hearing care, she wanted it to be from a hearing healthcare provider she could completely trust.

Upon calling Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center, Elizabeth was very impressed within the first few minutes. She says the person she spoke to was “amazing over the phone.”

Her appointment with Gulf Gate didn’t let her down. She says she found everyone “honest” and “down to earth.” It was obvious to her that the team is “not there for the money” but “here to help.”

Following her comprehensive hearing test, Elizabeth was fit with hearing aids. She says her new devices have improved her life “in a positive way.”

She rates Gulf Gate Aid Hearing Center a 10/10 and advises anyone considering an appointment “not to worry.” Elizabeth adds, “They are here to help.”

– Elizabeth W.


“I have no hesitation in recommending GGHAC.”

Gisele became aware of her hearing loss “several years ago.” Seeking help seemed like the most obvious next step to take. After all, this wouldn’t be her first experience with hearing healthcare.

“I also have a son who has been wearing bilateral hearing aids due to his situation at birth,” she begins. “I was also very much aware of Starkey because I had a brother-in-law who was an audiologist. So, I have been ‘exposed’ to the hearing challenged community for more than 40 years.”

Prior to visiting Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center, Gisele had no concerns but “just had no clue as to how much of a loss I had.”
Recalling her first appointment, she says, “I was quite satisfied with my initial experience. As time went on, my initial impression remained the same or increased.”

In fact, Gisele has gone on to recommend Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center to others. She says, “I am not one who voluntarily goes around recommending people unless I am specifically asked. I did recommend you strongly to a professional who had expressed to me the difficulties she was experiencing. I believe she’s a client of yours now.”

As for Gisele’s new hearing devices, she is satisfied with the improvement in her hearing. “Because of Covid, I don’t tend to wear them at home except for TV. However, they are a great asset when I am out in public,” she says.

Rating Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center a 10/10, Gisele concludes, “I have no hesitation in recommending GGHAC to anyone who asks. Nor do I ‘pretend’ that I don’t wear them. I am a pretty open book.”

– Gisele J.


“The very best.”

Kathy’s hearing loss was taking its toll on her career.

She recalls, “I was in meetings in large conference rooms and could not understand what others around the table were saying. I was not able to do my job properly since I was not sure what was being discussed. My work around was to ask colleagues for their notes!”

Although Kathy had a good relationship with her former audiologist, she decided it was time for a change. “I was transferring from another audiologist who I really liked, so I was anxious about the staff at Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center,” she says.

However, Kathy soon found herself at ease. “Abby was very personable when I called to make an appointment as a transfer patient, and she was very professional when I arrived for my appointment. The office waiting room was clean, bright, and comfortable, and Mark Rahman was terrific. Very sharp, professional, and friendly.”

Kathy is thrilled with her new hearing aids. “They have been a TOTAL GAME-CHANGER,” she says. “I can now hear the TV without blasting my husband out of the room, I can hear friends in restaurants, and while I was still working, I was able to hear all conversations in conference rooms no matter how large or small the meeting was.”

Reflecting further on her experience, Kathy continues, “Mark and the staff at the Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center are the very best. Mark worked with me when I wanted to upgrade my hearing aids to take advantage of streaming calls from my iPhone to my hearing aids, and we tried 3 or 4 different brands until I found the perfect pair. He would not let me settle for anything less than perfect. I was even able to get my husband (who claimed he had no hearing issues) in to see Mark, and he is planning on investing in hearing aids in a few months.”

Rating Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center a 10/10, Kathy encourages prospective patients, “Make an appointment ASAP! I am a picky person and cycle through providers until I find the very best.”– Kathy F.


“The staff is amazing.”

Rebecca has been hard of hearing since birth. So, hearing care has always been a part of her life.

When Rebecca was looking for a new care provider, her friend recommended Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center to her. “I trust that friend,” she says. “Therefore, I knew visiting GGHAC would be positive.”

Rebecca wasn’t disappointed. Recalling her first appointment, she says, “Everyone was so NICE!”
Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, Rebecca was prescribed new hearing aids.

She is pleased with the results, saying her new devices have helped her “in a positive way.”

Giving Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center a 10/10 rating, she encourages others, “Go! Run, do not walk. The staff is amazing and will help you.”

– Rebecca