Hearing Protection for Long-Term Hearing Health in Sarasota and Bradenton

Some hearing loss is inevitable as we age, but much of it can be slowed or prevented with proper ear protection and care.

An industrial worker wearing hearing protection gear

Nearly 20 percent of adults have permanent hearing damage or loss as a result of exposure to loud noises.

By utilizing earplugs, ear molds, and taking appropriate precautions, individuals can delay or prevent the need to use hearing aids and other hearing solutions in the future.

At Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center, our goal is to help you better manage your hearing health, and that includes taking precautions to avoid hearing loss and damage. To learn more about our custom earplugs and earmolds or to schedule a hearing assessment at our Sarasota & Bradenton centers, reach out today.

About Our Custom Earplugs

Earplugs protect the sensitive hearing organ by blocking the ear canal so that fewer sound waves can enter.

Earplugs come in many varieties, including different shapes, colors, and materials. Custom earplugs designed for your specific ear shape are often more comfortable than traditional earplugs. They are used by musicians, construction and maintenance workers, event staff, airport workers, factory personnel, and more. To learn more about the custom ear protection offered through Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center, contact one of our hearing specialists.

Man wearing custom fit earplugs
Half-shell and full-shell earmolds in Sarasota, FL

About Our Custom Earmolds

An earmold is a custom-fit device that can be used with a hearing device or earbud and fits around the opening of the ear canal to block sound waves.

The most common types of earmolds are half-shell and full-shell. Half-shell earmolds are typically recommended for low to medium level noise exposure, while a full-shell style is used for high noise exposure. There are many types of earmolds available, including electronic and non-electronic models as well as those that allow for certain noises, such as verbal communication, to enter.

What Our Delighted Patients Say

Do I Need Hearing Protection?

Many individuals are risking and damaging their hearing without even realizing it.

Many individuals are risking and damaging their hearing without even realizing it. This damage can be caused by brief, acute loud noises (such as discharging a firearm or attending a loud concert without proper protection) or by exposure to moderately high noise levels over time.

More than eight hours of exposure to sounds over 85 decibels can cause damage to the hearing organ, and that safe exposure time shortens the louder a sound is. In fact, many of your everyday activities, such as mowing the lawn, listening to music on headphones, or hearing an ambulance go by, can pose a risk to hearing. Many headphones go up to 100 decibels or higher, which is well above the recommended maximum of 85 decibels.

Hearing protection for environments exceeding 85 decibels

Learn More about Our Custom Ear Protection

Hearing loss cannot be reversed, so it is important to take care of your hearing health while you still can.

Whether you work in a loud environment, like to listen to music, watch movies at high volumes, or are regularly exposed to loud noises, protecting your hearing now will allow you to enjoy these activities for years to come. Reach out today to speak with an audiologist and learn more about our custom hearing protection options.

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