Hearing Loops

What are hearing loops?

A hearing loop is a wire connected to an electronic sound source that transmits that sound to the telecoil in a hearing aid or cochlear implant. A loop can discreetly surround a room, a chair in your home, or even be worn around the neck. Hearing loops can be connected to a public address system, a living room TV, a telephone (land line and cellular), or any source that produces sound electronically.

Hearing aids and most cochlear implants equipped with a manually controlled T-Switch is all that is required to hear in a hearing loop. The telecoil or T-coil receives the signal from the loop and turns it back into sound in the hearing aid, eliminating the background noise.

If you currently wear hearing aid(s) and are not sure if they have the telecoil option, compatible with hearing loops, please contact us.

For a complete listing of hearing loops in our area, click here

Residential Facilities

  • Alderman Oaks Retirement Home*
  • Alinari Sarasota
  • Bayport Beach & Tennis Club
  • Bay Village
  • Jacaranda Trace
  • Kobernick House
  • Meadows Community Center
  • Pelican Cove Pavilion
  • Residence at Ritz Carlton
  • Sarasota Bay Club

Community Venues

  • Ear Research Foundation
  • Community Foundation of Sarasota
  • Glasser Schoenbaum Human Services*
  • Historic Spanish Point
  • Lakewood Ranch Town Hall
  • North Port City Chambers
  • North Sarasota Library
  • Sarasota Senior Friendship Center*
  • Selby Library
  • USF- Selby Auditorium

Community Venues

  • Asolo Theatre (Cook Only, Not Mertz)
  • Banyan Theatre Company
  • Burns Court Cinemas (Sarasota - Screens 1 and 3)*
  • Florida Studio Theatre (Keating)*
  • Florida Studio Theatre (Gompretz)*
  • Glenridge Performing Arts Center
  • Manatee Player’s Theatre*
  • Neel Performing Arts Center (Both Main & Howard Stages )*
  • North Port Performing Arts Center (Main floor, only not balcony)*
  • Sarasota Opera*
  • Sarasota Orchestra (All except Balcony Left)*
  • The Player’s Theatres Rows A-K only
  • Van Wezel (All except Last 3 rows Left Corner)*
  • Venice Community Center
  • Venice Theatre (Main & Pinkerton Stages)*
  • Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe


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