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After you’ve had your hearing test, we’ll help you choose a set of hearing aids. The best hearing aids for you will not only satisfy the requirements of your hearing loss but fit comfortably into your lifestyle. Once you’ve selected your hearing aids, there may be a wait while your custom-molded earpieces are created, or you may be able to get your hearing aids right away if you choose a silicone-tip model.

Hearing aids, of course, do not work “right out of the box.” They have to be programmed to meet the requirements of your specific hearing loss, as determined by your complete audiometric evaluation.

One of the biggest challenges to providing patients with the most natural hearing correction is being able to simulate real-life settings in the clinical office. Traditional fittings rely on the hearing aid wearer telling us if the sound seems more or less natural at different settings. The problem with that approach is that it does not include all of the visual and auditory distractions that can affect a person’s ability to listen to conversation. It is almost impossible to provide the best programming in a clinical office setting. Upon leaving the office, patients become disappointed that their hearing instruments fail to provide the same quality of sound that they provided in the structured office setting.

Audiogram - Hearing Exam Results

The problem is, we hear not only with our ears but with our brains. A set of hearing aids that are programmed to correct for your exact hearing loss is a good place to start, but will not likely be the most helpful or comfortable programming in the end. That’s why we don’t simply rely on the results of your hearing test and send you on your way but make adjustments—while you listen—until we arrive at the programming that provides the best subjective experience for you.

Seems simple, right? We adjust your hearing aids until they sound good to you, and then we’re done! Unfortunately, this is seldom the case. 

It turns out that what sounds good in a clinical office setting is usually not what sounds good out in the world, where complex sonic environments present a more difficult picture of sound for your brain—and your hearing aids—to interpret. In the real world, we have to hear what people are saying even when they’re not standing right next to us, and even when background noise is present. This is hard to replicate in a quiet room inside a hearing clinic!

In the past, this discrepancy between what sounds good in our office and what sounds good in the real world has frequently required our patients to return to our office for programming adjustments in the first few weeks of wearing their new hearing aids, sometimes multiple times. While that’s not a problem for us—we always love seeing you!—it can be frustrating to make multiple trips and to live with hearing aids that aren’t yet working properly for you.

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Audio Reality™

We developed the Audio RealityTM system to revolutionize the way hearing aids are programmed! Much like stepping into a virtual reality environment, our exclusive system uses a large television and a 5.1 audio system to simulate the different environments we encounter out in the real world.

We don’t use our hearing aids only to hear one other person in a quiet room! We rely on hearing aids to get us through the trickiest sonic environments out there. When we program your hearing aids using the Audio Reality system, you’ll know before you leave the office that your hearing aids will help you handle the toughest challenges.

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Audio Reality Hearing Aid Programming

Audio Reality™ For New Hearing Aids

The Audio Reality system allows us to provide a much more realistic environment, right in our office, for you to evaluate the programming on your new hearing aids. Using the system, we can simulate the auditory experience of being out at a restaurant, in a car, or in more reverberant spaces. We can even simulate trying to hear speech from a distance.By programming your hearing aids in this virtual reality before you step out into the real world, our team is more likely to arrive at a comfortable program the first time. Your hearing aids will be more likely to work their best for you right away, without requiring multiple follow-up visits for programming adjustments. If you should still discover that an adjustment needs to be made, we’ll be happy to take care of it for you
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Audio Reality™ For Your Existing Hearing Aids

Have you been wearing your hearing aids for a while, but they’ve never sounded quite right? It could be that your programming has never been tuned properly. The Audio Reality ™ programming system works equally well with hearing aids new and old. If something has never seemed right with the way your hearing aids sound, no matter where you got them, come to our office and we’ll gladly help you get your hearing aids programmed to your satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more.
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Existing Hearing Aid User?

Receive a complimentary package of batteries and enhance the performance of your hearing aids with AudioReality programming.

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