Complete Hearing Evaluation

At Gulf Gate Hearing Center, we offer complete audiometric tests. Keeping an eye on your hearing is crucial because unresolved hearing loss can lead to a range of physical and mental problems. Communication is a big part of anyone's life, so you don't want to miss anything by avoiding hearing loss treatment.

Our audiometric tests are painless and take no more than an hour. Here is an idea of what to expect when taking a hearing test with us:

Hearing aids shown in a test comparison result

Test results are shown in a chart called an audiogram. The easy-to-read chart gives you the ability to hear at different frequencies and volumes. Hearing loss tends to occur first from the highest frequencies. Each ear will be represented on the chart separately, allowing us to recognize if you have asymmetrical hearing loss.

Although will help you interpret the results of your audiogram, these are the basic levels of hearing loss:

  • Normal hearing (0 to 25 dB)
  • Mild hearing loss (26 to 40 dB)
  • Moderate hearing loss (41 to 70 dB)
  • Severe hearing loss (71 to 90 dB)
  • Profound hearing loss (greater than 91 dB)

Our team will recommend some treatment options if you are found to have hearing loss. It's a good time to ask any questions you may have.

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Problems with your hearing affect not just your ability to follow conversations around you. Your quality of life, your personal relationships, your career and your physical and mental health are all influenced by your hearing. It's time to take control over your hearing health. If you're looking to book a complete audiometric evaluation and find the right hearing aids to support you in any listening scenario, please call us today at the Gulf Gate Hearing Center.

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