The Gulf Gate Adoption Plan: Allowing You to Access Advanced Hearing Care Regardless of Where You Purchased Your Hearing Devices

You understand that overcoming hearing loss not only entails top-notch hearing technology, but it also requires professional expertise, continuous care, service, and support.

The Adoption Plan was created to match people who purchased hearing devices elsewhere with a state-of-the-art hearing care program.

Young boy having his hearing tested at Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center in Sarasota, FL

With this plan, you receive ongoing attention from our staff while experiencing the same priority treatment as our patients, placing your hearing health at the forefront and maximizing the performance of your hearing devices. It doesn’t matter where you obtained your devices.

To discover more about our Adoption Plan and schedule a consultation to guarantee optimal performance from your hearing devices, simply complete the form on this page and we’ll reach out to you soon.

Adoption Plan

What’s included in the Adoption Plan?

The Adoption Plan includes all the benefits that our patients receive, ensuring that you get the same levels of ongoing support and care from a trusted local provider.

This includes:

Comprehensive diagnostic testing and evaluation
These advanced tests look beyond your basic ability to hear and focus heavily on ensuring your hearing health is prioritized through comprehensive testing.
Earwax removal
If you’re experiencing a buildup of earwax, then you can benefit from professional earwax removal services.
Annual hearing tests
With your level of hearing continuing to change, annual hearing tests are critical. They allow us to monitor any changes to your hearing, adjust your devices, and ensure your hearing health is prioritized.
Same-day walk-in troubleshooting and in-office repairs, plus fine-tuning and personalization and reprogramming
Need help at any point? We’ve got your back.
Professional hearing aid cleaning (whenever you need it)
Your devices need love and care, and through professional hearing aid cleanings, you can maximize the life of your hearing devices and ensure they continue to work to their best
Friendly guidance regarding proper use and system adaptations
Although many clinics “sell” hearing aids, few actually work hands-on with patients to achieve maximum performance. As part of this plan, you will receive support and training on how to properly use your devices!
The investment is $365.00 per year. Just $1.00 per day.
A monthly payment plan is also available.

90-Minute Performance Revamp

This thorough, 90-minute consultation is designed specifically for current hearing aid wearers who may be dissatisfied with the performance of their devices.

Our consultation is conducted by a hearing care specialist who possesses extensive experience in your specific hearing aid technology. We will conduct a series of tests, following the best evidence-based practices in audiology, to help you optimize the performance of your hearing aids.

The consultation will be customized to meet your unique needs, with the objective of enhancing your hearing aid performance. Our consultation will typically include:

  • Comprehensive case history to understand your journey and experience to date
  • Video otoscopic examination to evaluate your ear canal anatomy and health
  • Earwax removal if needed
  • Comprehensive hearing evaluation (including speech-in-noise testing) in accordance with the best practices in audiology, if deemed necessary
  • Professional hearing aid cleaning, which includes suctioning the microphone and speaker openings as well as using the Redux machine to remove moisture
  • Electroacoustic evaluation of your devices to ensure they are performing to the required standard
  • Real-ear measurements to determine if your hearing aids are programmed appropriately for your current hearing profile
  • Adjustment of your hearing aids based on an accurate, up-to-date hearing test and our real-world sound simulator, Audio Reality.
  • Smartphone pairing and app orientation (only available with compatible hearing aids/phones)

The objective of this 90-minute appointment is to take your underperforming hearing devices and bring them to their maximum potential for your specific needs.

Investment: $675

Discover If the Adoption Plan Is Right for You

If you would like to discuss the Adoption Plan and explore whether you can receive ongoing care, support, and expertise from the highly-rated hearing experts at Gulf Gate Hearing Center, then simply complete the form and one of our team members will be in touch to schedule your complimentary visit.

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