The staff at Gulf Gate is committed to helping you find the best hearing aid to meet your needs and provide the best service after your purchase.

Considering Treating Your Hearing? Gulf Gate Patients Tell You Why They Did

by | Sep 26, 2023 | Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

Hearing loss can be an isolating condition. We find a struggle that most of our patients face is not knowing where or who to turn to.  

If you or a loved one is struggling with a hearing loss, then you’ve come to the right place.  

We asked our patients why they chose to seek help and asked them to share the benefits they’ve seen since seeking treatment.  

If you know someone who needs some support to start their journey to better hearing, please share this with them.  

Patricia’s Story 

Patricia knew she needed help with her hearing when she struggled to keep up with conversations when dining out and felt frustrated and embarrassed at having to ask the speaker to repeat themselves.  

After feeling initially unsettled about her appointment at Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center following a previously bad experience with another audiologist, Patricia received a comprehensive assessment and specialized tests and was fitted with tailored hearing aids that turned her life around.  

“I am more confident and do not feel at all self-conscious about wearing hearing aids. In fact, I talk openly about wearing hearing aids and encourage others who are experiencing hearing challenges to go to Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center.” 

Patricia T, hearing loss patient of Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center

John’s Story  

John was finding himself missing a lot during conversations and decided it was time to seek help from the Gulf Gate Hearing Center.  

After being seen by our specialists, John was fitted with hearing aids and was able to hear again.  

“The staff at Gulf Gate is committed to helping you find the best hearing aid to meet your needs and provide the best service after your purchase. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” 

Common Roadblocks 

According to studies, on average, people wait around seven years from when they realize they have a hearing impairment to reaching out and seeking treatment.  

So, why do we delay getting the help we need?  

John Scibak, hearing loss patient of Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center
Commonly, there are two roadblocks that stand between you and better hearing. 
1 – The Perceived Social Stigma That Comes with Being a Hearing Aid Wearer

Although 1 in 7 Americans face some level of hearing challenge, there is still a concern about what others think.

However, with today’s hearing technology, you can find a hearing solution that both works for you and is discreet. Sitting just behind your ear, they can be color-matched to your skin and hair color making them even less detectable!

2 – Financial Investment

We understand that making an investment can be intimidating, which is why there are multiple options for you to get the hearing care you need.

Whether you use payment plans or insurance contributions, we can talk you through all the options and find a solution that works around your life and your budget.

Taking the Next Step 

If you’d like to read more about our incredible patients’ stories, you can follow this link.

If you feel ready to take the next step and talk to one of our specialists, simply request a callback or give us a call at:

  941-922-5894 for our Sarasota office
  941-795-2811 for our Bradenton office

better hearing

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Emily Koudelka, HAS

Born and raised in Marlborough, CT., Emily Koudelka, a former US Army Combat Medic, decided in 2006 to dedicate her career to helping the hearing impaired. Emily has been working at Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center for over 12 years and is currently spearheading the concierge program for the now 40-year-old company. Emily received her license in 2009 and is a member of both the Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals and the International Hearing Society.

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