Sonic Hearing Aids

Sonic maintains a 4S approach to the design and development of hearing aid technology that includes sound that is natural, speech clarity in noise, simplicity in design, and style that stands out.

The collaboration of a group of scientists and engineers that specialize in sonar systems, digital mastering, and microelectronics are behind the company’s capacity to produce instruments that meet the wide range of needs for their hearing aid users.

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Sound Processing by Sonic

The company already had digital signal processing (DSP) technology in place when the Sonic brand launched. Building upon this established technology, the company produced the Natura computer chip, which made it possible for wearers to be able to distinguish between conversations and background noise by using Sonic’s nine-channel digital processing.

Another major advantage of Sonic hearing aid programming accuracy is the capacity in half-octave increments, one of the most innovative features of the Natura chip, making it possible for Sonic hearing aids to achieve a higher level of sound clarity that meets user-specific hearing loss issues.

A Sonic Hearing Aid Device

Sonic’s Hearing Aid Features

Available in a wide range of BTE, ITE, ITC, mini-canal (MC), and CIC styles as well as standard battery and rechargeable configurations, Sonic’s powerful devices also feature connectivity to iPhone, Android, and other digital devices. Along with SoundLink Connect, hearing aid wearers can deliver feedback regarding their hearing aid experience to their hearing care provider and receive real-time fitting, programming, and adjustment support from wherever they happen to be.

    Patient-Focused Hearing Care from Gulf Gate Hearing Center

    The hearing aids manufactured by Sonic are among the advanced technology solutions used by the team of hearing specialists here at Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center, but no level of technology replaces you as the primary focus of the hearing care we provide.

    After a highly accurate hearing assessment, our hearing care professionals address your specific hearing challenges by guiding you through the process of selecting the hearing aid that best addresses your specific type and severity of hearing loss along with meeting your personal and budget preferences.

    Besides making advanced hearing aid technology from brand name manufacturers, such as Sonic, Siemens, Signia, and more, available to you, we also provide ongoing technical support, device maintenance, and hearing aid repair to ensure that you enjoy both better hearing and a more active, independent lifestyle.

    If you might benefit from the advanced technology hearing aids we have available or need some help from one of our technicians, then contact the most trusted hearing care provider in Sarasota & Bradenton by completing the adjacent form.

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