Signia Hearing Aids | Sarasota FL

Signia Silk Nx

One of the newer Signia models is the Signia Silk Nx. It is one of the world’s smallest hearing aids and its invisible because it fits inside the ear canal. Encased in a soft, silicone sleeve, it compresses and conforms to the canal and immediately fits comfortably in the ear. So unlike other hearing devices that go into the ear, it does not need a customized housing or fitting.
The left and right hearing aids are color coded so there’s no danger of mixing up which goes in what ear. The sleeves are vented for enhanced wearing comfort.

The microphones in the Silk model pick up the sound inside the ear canal so there is no adjustment needed to listen to music or make phone calls. It can even be used with headphones. Silk has the capability to be controlled with a phone app or a miniPocket remote control. Ear-to-ear link means sound is processed from both ears for a more natural hearing experience. A microphone at the front of each hearing aid captures sound at the front and reduces background noise. A discreet removal cord allows for simple removal and the hearing aids have built-in Tinnitus therapy options.

Signia Pure Nx

Signia’s Pure Charge & Go Nx hearing aids come with an inductive charger. The hearing aids automatically start charging when placed on the charger and automatically turn on when you take them out. The longer lasting battery allows for a full day of work or leisure. Because it utilizes a high capacity lithium-ion power cell it continues to offer a high-level of hearing performance even when streaming audio. The contemporary behind-the-ear design is discreet and its suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. The Pure line also includes the 10 NX, the 312 NX and the Pure 13 NX.

Signia Nx Platform

All the NX line can be remotely controlled from a phone using an app and they feature advanced noise suppression technologies. The noise suppression technology makes it easier to understand conversations in a noisy environment. A directional microphone focuses on a conversation partner in front of you. The NX line includes sound clarity technology as well as a control in the app that adapts as you move and adjusts the hearing aid settings. The NX line emphasizes reliability and is resistant to moisture, perspiration, dust and dirt. It can easily be switched off manually and has built-in Tinnitus therapy signals.

If you change your mind about the color the outside housing can be changed by a member of the Gulf Gate Hearing professional staff.

The Insio NX is custom-fitted for inside your ear and they are tailored for your degree of hearing loss. They are color coded for left and right ear and can be controlled by an app or by a pocket remote. They are vented for wearing comfort and have easy removal cords. A front microphone reduced background sound confusion and the audio signals are transmitted from ear-to-ear for a better sound processing experience.

The Motion 13 Nx offers some great fitting and handling options and it can be customized by the Gulf Gate staff. A behind-the-ear model, it features an ergonomically correct design for wearing comfort. It is suitable for mild to profound hearing loss. The battery door of the Motion 13 can be equipped with a Telecoil for help understanding speakers in convention-type scenarios. It is easy to select that program if you see a Telecoil sign at an event.

The CROS Pure 312 Nx is designed for those that have unaidable or untreatable hearing loss in one ear. It has high sound quality and Bluetooth connectivity. Small and powerful, it fits inside the ear canal and a phone app lets you adjust and balance the sound from one ear to another with a few taps on your phone. It receives the sound in the “good” ear and transmits it to the other side using a continuous wireless ear-to-ear link.

All Signia hearing devices let you access a helpful myHearing App which provides support tools for using and getting used to your hearing aids. It can help educate you about your hearing aids including what exactly they do and how to use them. There are special listening exercises which let you learn at your own pace, adaption progress monitoring and a chat line option to get personal assistance. The app helps you learn how to adjust your hearing aids and find answers to common questions.