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ReSound LiNX 3D

The ReSound LiNX 3D is one of ReSound’s newest digital hearing aids. It is better at processing speech with background noise. It utilizes ReSound Surround Sound, so it picks up sound 360 degrees around a wearer. You don’t have to turn your head or move for better hearing comprehension. It uses Binaural Directionality to discern what sound should be focused on.
The high-tech sound processing mimics the experience of a natural ear processing sound. It delivers a clear, rich sound without echoes, a hollow noise or “dead” spots.

It has a noise reduction feature which operates from a remote or a phone app so if a user wants to reduce environmental noise while following a conversation – that can be done.

You can control it with your phone, stream from your iPhone directly to your hearing aid and even utilize Facetime. It also has a “find me” feature programmed into the phone app. It has adaptability for Smart Phones, iPhones or Android users. You can recharge the hearing aids instead of removing and recharging the batteries and the LiNX 3D comes in a variety of colors and styles. You can be as bold or as subtle as you want!

ReSound LiNX2

Research shows that the ReSound LiNX2 helps a wearer concentrate on conversation and process it even it even in very noisy environments 30% better than other premium digital hearing aids. ReSound’s Binaural Directionality II with Spatial Sense means your brain processes sound naturally when wearing the LiNX2. It allows you to stream directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod and make phone calls or Facetime. It can interface with some apps, so you can be working out at the gym and hearing a “virtual trainer” in your hearing aid giving you encouragement and support. It works like wireless headphones. Although it is designed for Apple devices, there are accessories that will adapt it for Android users.

You can use the “go find me” app if you misplace your hearing aid and a few touches on your phone will let you adjust the base, treble and volume. The LiNX2 comes with tinnitus management. It has pre-installed therapy sounds to divert your attention from the ringing in your ears controlled by a few finger taps on your phone.

ReSound ENZO 3D

Designed to treat severe to profound hearing loss The ReSound ENZO 3D has multi-directional sound collecting capacity. Those who wear it get 60% more sound clarity overall and a higher clarity of conversational understanding through background noise.

It is a compact construction that fits behind the ear and it comes in a variety of colors and designer styles. You can adjust volume as well as bass, mid-range and treble through a phone app. It also has geo-tagging so you can save a specific location and your hearing aid will remember the settings. For instance, if you regularly attend a certain church and you need to turn up the volume and turn down the bass, it will remember and adjust automatically.
The professionals at Gulf Gate can work with you to adjust the settings on your hearing aid and also help you get new settings via the cloud if needed. Studies show a 70% improvement in speech recognition using the ENZO 3D on Facetime calls, too!

ReSound ENZO2

The ENZO2 is the smallest and most powerful hearing aid available. In spite of its power, it still delivers clear, crisp sound without feedback in any environment. It utilizes ReSound’s Spatial Sense, so it processes sound from around you but still allows you to focus on the sound – or conversation – that you are interested in. It has wireless streaming, a finder function, geo-tagging or “favorites” so it remembers your settings at a certain place and you can access them with a tap on your phone. It is available in a high power or a super power model.


The hearing experience can be enhanced for ReSound users by a number of accessories. There are small clip-on wireless directional mics for use in large areas. This is especially useful for work productivity if you need to attend seminars or conferences in large group/large convention center settings. There are also accessories to facilitate direct streaming from your television and remote controls for hearing aids.