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Finding the right hearing device for your lifestyle can be a challenge.

We make it easy for you. Let us guide you through the process of finding the best solution for you. We make recommendations based on your unique hearing loss, your lifestyle, and the level of technology you desire.  We carry a full line of major manufacturer's products to guarantee that are completely satisfied with your choice.
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Signia Hearing Aids



The Starkey Hearing Technologies story began in 1967, when William F. Austin launched the Professional Hearing Aid Service, a Minnesota hearing aid repair service that fixed problems with all manufacturers and models. It was then that Mr. Austin bought an ear mold company and maintained its original name, Starkey.

Starkey Hearing Technologies is proud of its rich 50-year history as a ground-breaking supplier of hearing aid devices. The business is constantly improving its line of device to be more discreet, convenient and high quality. From versatile RIC (Receiver-In-Ear) models to high-powered BTE (Behind - The-Ear), discreet CIC (Completely-In-Canal) and invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) options, Starkey has a history of packing as many features into its hearing aids as possible One of the pioneers in nanotechnology and waterproof hearing aids, and were also leading the pack when it came to hearing in noisy environments.

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The Sivantos Group, a company which owns a number of hearing aid companies, defines Signia as their top brand. The Signia hearing aid brand was launched by the Sivantos Group in January 2016 after the acquisition of Siemens in 2015. Siemens, the company from which Signia is based, certainly has a reputation in for high quality design and engineering. Although the first behind-the-ear hearing aid was developed by Siemens in 1959, the company is perhaps best known for releasing the first wireless hearing aid, the first digital hearing aid with two directional microphones and the first waterproof digital hearing aid. Signia continues this impressive legacy started by Siemens by packing high-end features into each and every device they produce.
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ReSound was conceived in order to develop the world's most advanced hearing aids which can adapt to any hearing environment the wearer may find themselves in. ReSound was first in line with a number of new technologies, including the first 2.4GHz Bluetooth hearing aids and the world's first Made for Apple ® hearing aids to enable direct sound streaming.

ReSound is part of the GN Group and headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark. The GN group has been working in the audiology field for over a hundred years, and ReSound certainly leverages this heritage in their cutting-edge hearing instruments, such as the LiNX Quattro Premium-plus hearing aid.

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Oticon remains one of the world's most successful hearing aid manufacturers and is part of the William Demant Holdings group, a hearing industry giant. The Danish-born company was founded in 1906 and continues to be known globally as a leader in quality and innovation. All you have to do is look at the success of their previous flagship device, the OPN. It has sold more than a million units since it was launched.

But Oticon are not content to rest on their previous success. The business maintains an emphasis on future developments. Oticon has owned and managed a research facility primarily devoted to hearing impairment since the 1970s. Oticon researchers are exploring some of the most innovative ideas in audiology research, including cognitive science and augmented hearing. Each research goal aims to move hearing aid technology beyond simple amplification and into the realm of smart hearing.

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Phonak is one of the major leading hearing aid manufacturers. Phonak hearing aids continue to be at the forefront of innovation in a number of styles to suit your needs and preferences. One notable innovation is the Lyric, the world's only 100% invisible hearing aid.

Throughout its 70 years, Phonak has been striving to provide state-of - the-art hearing solutions for those with hearing loss around the world. Phonak produces a wide range of hearing aids that fits all hearing loss needs and types. Each product of Phonak is designed to ensure maximum comfort and crisp, high quality sound.

Phonak technology will serve you well wherever you happen to go. They allow you to move from one hearing environment to another seamlessly. Phonak earpieces also provide a remarkable ability to transmit voice signals between hearing aids, enabling you to hear clearly with both ears.

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Widex is one of the largest hearing aid producers in the world and provides hearing aids in more than 100 countries worldwide. Founded in Denmark in 1956, the family company has the highest brightest quality sound, which prioritizes what the wearer wants to hear rather than just amplifying all sounds available.

Widex has long been an engineering and design leader in the audiology industry. The company is responsible for a number of firsts, including world's first fully digital hearing aid in 1985. In 2008, they unveiled the smallest receiver-in-canal hearing aid in the world, introduced the first hearing aid for babies in 2010 and invented the world's first machine-learning hearing aid in 2018.

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