When to Take a Hearing Test

When to Take a Hearing Test

Hearing loss is a serious condition not only affecting the way you comprehend sounds but negatively affecting relationships, self esteem, success at work, mental health and creating a higher risk to your personal safety every day. Approximately 48 million people suffer from hearing loss in the US, affecting 1 in 3 people over the age of 65. 

And even though age related hearing loss is the most common cause of hearing issues, hearing loss affects people of all ages. While there is a way to reverse most cases of hearing loss, hearing aids can amplify the sounds you cannot hear, making it easier to participate in conversations, boosting confidence and creating a sense of independence to help you succeed day after day. 

While hearing aids can help the majority of people with hearing loss only twenty percent of those affected commit to wearing their hearing aids regularly. 

Do you have a hearing loss?

It is often difficult to know when your hearing loss has progressed into a major issue, as hearing loss develops slowly over time, until it is a struggle to hear even in the most ideal of listening situations. If you are in question about your hearing ability, here are a few clues that it might be time to have your hearing tested.

You find you have to ask people to repeat themselves

One of the most obvious signs that you have hearing loss is when you find yourself more often than not, having to ask people what they just said. It is often certain tones or pitches that are the first to degrade with hearing loss. This means that some people’s voices or specific consonants will be lost when listening, creating spaces in words and sentences. Not only is this frustrating for your partner, family, friends and coworkers, but also can be exhausting for your brain, as it works overtime to fill in the blanks. 

Trouble hearing in noisy environments

While you may hear just fine in quiet places you may struggle to hear conversation amongst the clamor of noise. A conversation at a busy restaurant, or party can lead to frustration, making it more tempting often to stay at home instead. This can cause social isolation, which is particularly dangerous for seniors who rely on social stimulation to keep the brain healthy and happy. Your brain struggles to prioritize which sounds are most important making conversing amongst the noise exhausting and stressful.

Trouble on the Phone

Are you having trouble hearing on the phone? It may be easy for you to hear when speaking in person but the telephone is just frustrating. The telephone tends to degrade sound just enough that if you struggle with hearing loss this can be a major disadvantage. Often people with undiagnosed hearing loss rely on visual cues to comprehend what is being conveyed. For instance facial expression, body language and lip reading can add intent to what is being said. These visual cues can help people unconsciously detect the emotions and intent of what is being said. 

People complain you listen to the TV or radio too loud

Many of us enjoy cranking up the music to enjoy the impact of the music. However it’s important to examine if you like listening to the radio or TV because you enjoy the impact of sound or if you need the increased volume to help you hear. If people in your life complain about the volume and it doesn’t seem excessive to you this is a good indication that it is time to get a hearing test.

Missing Out on Everyday Sounds

If you fail to hear other sounds that people around you are commenting on, like the sound of the rain or chirping of birds, this is a red flag that you have hearing loss. Hearing loss deprives you of some of the more subtle sounds that not only contribute to calm and joy but also help to keep us safe. 

If any of these indications that you have a hearing loss ring true to you, contact us to set up a hearing test. We can help diagnose the extent of your hearing loss and help you find the best solution for your hearing needs. You will be able to communicate with the people in your life and hear the subtle sounds that bring you joy all over again.