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Hearing aids are a great, non-invasive solution to hearing loss. Many users report that ever since they started wearing hearing aids, their quality of life has dramatically improved. In fact, many of them wish they had started wearing hearing aids sooner. The benefits are usually experienced in every area of a person’s life from their relationships at home, work life, confidence and independence. In addition, many studies show that hearing well can reduce stress, increase energy, and boost your mental alertness. In a world inundated with sounds, hearing aids can help you hear what you want to hear, while automatically reducing background noise.

Fight the stigma

Negative stigma of hearing aids makes a lot of people who are uninformed believe that the devices are only for the elderly, but burgeoning technology makes it possible for even the most active individuals to find their benefits. Quite often, patients say they don’t wear their hearing aids while they are working out, playing golf, riding a bike, playing tennis, and other physical activities. If you are coping with hearing loss and don’t want to give up your passion for being healthy and active, you have several options for comfort and protection no matter the activity.

Wind issues

Runners, walkers or cyclists may find themselves always struggling with wind in their hearing aids causing uncomfortable noise. Some hearing aids now have wind-noise management that reduces the effect of the breeze on the device’s microphone. At the same time, some aids will have a feature that enables the device to log data that remembers and adapts to things like volume control based on your environment. This is ideal for someone who spends a lot of time outside where conditions are not controlled

Sweat and moisture

Another worry for athletic individuals who wear hearing aids is that the device will get damaged by sweat or unexpected rain. Most hearing aids have high Ingress Protection (IP) ratings. This rates the sealing effective of the device against the intrusion of moisture, dust, and dirt. Hearing aids have high IP ratings because they are made for all day, every day use. The special coating on hearing aids can protect against the elements as well as skin oils, ear wax and salt. This microscopic layer applied to hearing aids is 1/1000 the thickness of human hair and covers the entire device This means wearing them when you’re sweating is part of the design. Just remember to protect your investment in a hearing device with preventative maintenance. Place your hearing aids in a dehumidifier overnight to remove excess moisture and prolong the components of your hearing device.

If you already have hearing aids you may want to consider something like the hearing aid sweat band to protect against moisture. It fits snuggly over behind-the-ear hearing aids to absorb moisture from sweat or the elements. It is important to remember that although many devices are considered to be water resistant, waterproof hearing aids are slightly more difficult to come across, so it’s best to take your hearing aid out and store it in a safe, dry place.

Other accessories

You don’t need a waterproof device to enjoy the great outdoors, as there are several different kinds of accessories for hearing aids that can make your active life easier. If you don’t need to have the device in at all times, waterproof armbands are ideal because you will still have it close at hand if you need it. If you do need to keep your hearing aids on at all times, ear gear that covers the device and protects it against sweat can be a great option.

Find the best hearing aids for you

In terms of technology, the latest hearing aids are basically mini super computers that use advanced algorithms to process sounds and deliver crystal-clear sound. Finding the right hearing aid depends on a number of factors. To learn about your options about hearing aids and the best style model and features for your active lifestyle, contact us at Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center. We can help you find the best hearing aids for your busy life on the go.