Hearing Impairment and Police Interactions

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By the time we hit our teens, many basic safety precautions come naturally to us. Those lessons about looking both ways before crossing the street and waiting until the light turns green have been drilled into our psyches so we are appropriately alert when we are taking a stroll or driving our cars. Nevertheless, if you experience or are starting …


How Hearing Aids Improve Your Safety

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That hearing aids contribute to a better quality of life is a well-known fact. They not only make it possible to hear and communicate clearly, but they also reduce stress, inspire social activity to keep us connected to our loved ones and improve one’s overall physical and mental well-being. In addition to these important benefits, hearing devices have the ability …


Benefits of Using Hearing Aids

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Of the five senses, a person requires hearing the most to successfully interact with the world around them. When one is affected by hearing loss, it hinders more than just the ability to hear but also overall health, relationships and even safety. Approximately 48 million people in the United States suffer from hearing loss. Unfortunately, there is evidence that around …


How Hearing Aids Help Your Relationships

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Quotes floating around the Internet and books often place “listening” over “hearing.” Being able to understand what people mean implicitly when they have a conversation often requires hearing what they say and their tone of voice on top of reading body language. But if one’s hearing is impaired, how can one listen? With hearing being such an integral aspect of …

Gulf Gate - Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips

Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips

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Hearing aids are amazing but delicate technological wonders, and are an important investment for many users. Today’s hearing aid devices are powered by sensitive electrical components, so moisture, direct sunlight, excessive temperatures and chemicals can easily damage them. It is important to follow a few simple, yet essential steps when cleaning and caring for your hearing devices to ensure that …

Gulf Gate - Dos and Dont's With Hearing Aids

The Dos and Don’ts of Hearing Aids

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When you wear hearing aids, it is important to have a daily routine to keep them working properly. At the same time, there are certain things to avoid with respect to hearing aid use and care, especially things that can potentially damage them to the point of having to be replaced. The following is a list of do’s and don’ts …

All About Tinnitus Part 3: Treatment for Tinnitus

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We’ve explored the experience of tinnitus and the types and causes of it. In this last part of the three-part series on tinnitus, we discuss the treatments available for tinnitus. The appearance of tinnitus may indicate related medical conditions. If you have been experiencing tinnitus, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with us at Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center. …

All About Tinnitus Part 2: Types & Causes of Tinnitus

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Last time, we discussed the prevalence of tinnitus and its links to hearing loss. As you now know, tinnitus affects roughly 15% of the general American public (50 million Americans). You also know that tinnitus is not a condition that exists on its own. Rather, the appearance of tinnitus often points to the existence of related medical issues. Tinnitus may …

All About Tinnitus: Part 1 – What is Tinnitus?

Mark Rahman, BC-HIS tinnitus

All About Tinnitus: Part 1 – What is Tinnitus? What is Tinnitus? Have you ever heard sounds in your head that do not correspond to anything externally? Do these phantom sounds come and go, or stay for awhile? It may be tinnitus. Commonly referred to as “ringing of the ears,” tinnitus is a condition in which people experience sounds where …

Tips for Adjusting to Your Hearing Aids

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Tips for Adjusting to Your Hearing Aids Congratulations are in order – you’ve been fitted for your hearing aids and are on the road to better hearing health! Adjusting to hearing aids may seem disorienting at first. With any degree of hearing loss, the sounds of your life are not as clear as they once were. With your new hearing …