Hearing Loss from Everyday Noises?

Mark Rahman, BC-HIS Hearing Health, Hearing Loss Prevention

One in ten Americans experience hearing loss ( A huge range of factors can cause hearing loss, which affects 360 million people worldwide (, but exposure to noise is one of the most common reason behind hearing loss. This is likely because people often do not realize how exposed we are to noises that could affect our hearing on a …


Healthy Eating Equals Healthy Hearing

Mark Rahman, BC-HIS Hearing Health, Hearing Loss Prevention

Most doctors and nutritionists advise use to eat healthy, well-rounded meals for a reason. There are many foods that provide our bodies with essential nutrients to keep them running properly and to even help prevent the onset of unwelcome medical conditions. Did you know that the top three medical conditions in the US are heart disease, arthritis, and hearing loss? …


Miami Musician with Hearing Loss Creates Music to ‘Hamilton’

Mark Rahman, BC-HIS Hearing Loss, Inspirations, Music and Musicians

Throughout history, we have seen artists and musicians overcome obstacles to create incredible and inspiring cultural work. One prime example is Ludwig van Beethoven, who famously chopped off the legs of his piano and composed music based on the vibrations he felt on this floor. In our modern times, musician and composer Alex Lacamoire has overcome his own hearing loss …


Holidays with Hearing Aids

Mark Rahman, BC-HIS Lifestyle and Leisure, Tips and Tricks

In our busy, modern times, the holidays are a time for us to slow down and catch up with our friends and loved ones. It is a time to relax and reconnect with one another. Whether you are hosting a holiday gathering this season, or attending one, and whether you wear hearing aids or are accommodating guests who do, we …


Uber Hiring Hearing Impaired Drivers in Singapore

Mark Rahman, BC-HIS Community, Hearing Loss, News

When we hear tech people in Silicon Valley talk about their missions, it is always with the goal to make life better. It is the foundation of new technological invention. For many around the globe, technology has greatly improved their lives. For those who experience hearing loss, significant advancements in technology have improved their ability to hear. With hearing loss, …


What You Need to Know About Hearing & Earwax

Mark Rahman, BC-HIS Hearing Health

There’s an entire industry of cotton swabs devoted to removing earwax – but do we really know why we attempt to get rid of it? For most of us, the purpose of earwax is a mystery, and some people even find it gross. The reality is, earwax is an important substance produced by our bodies to keep our ears healthy …


Could Hearing Loss Increase Your Risk for Psychosis?

Mark Rahman, BC-HIS Hearing Health

If you struggle with untreated hearing loss, but think it’s not a big deal, think again. Hearing loss affects millions of Americans, and leads to much more than just missing a few sounds. Those living with untreated hearing loss have more struggles in their relationships due to difficulty communicating, and have worse mental, emotional and physical health. If that isn’t …


Doctors Warn that Modern Day Living Contributes to Hearing Loss

Mark Rahman, BC-HIS Hearing Loss, Hearing Loss Prevention, Lifestyle and Leisure

Hearing loss is quickly becoming a national concern. Reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 48 million Americans, or roughly 20% of the population are struggling with hearing loss! We often take our hearing for granted, but think of how many people you know personally who have hearing loss? This is no longer a concern for …


Tips for Communicating Your Hearing Loss

Mark Rahman, BC-HIS Community, Hearing Loss

Having a conversation about hearing loss is never easy. We know this first hand. Discussing your hearing loss with a loved one can lead to anxiety, frustration, or hurt feelings. A recent analysis of data reveals the most productive ways to communicate your hearing loss to get the reactions you want and receive the support and help that you expect. …