Gulf Gate - Studies Show Exercise is Good for Hearing Health

Studies Show Exercise is Good for Hearing Health

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Is there anything exercise can’t do? It’s been shown that regular activity can help maintain our physical health as we age. Regular exercise helps improve circulation, strengthen your joints, bones, and muscles, and even heightens your mood. Did you know that exercise could help improve your hearing? Researchers have found links between physical activity and improved hearing ability. New Study: …


Making Hearing Aids Part of Your Routine

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If you have taken the leap and decided to treat your hearing loss through the use of hearing devices, congratulations! There is, on average, a 10-year delay between the time someone first gets fitted for hearing aids and the time they finally decide to start wearing them. Considering fewer than one in three people who would benefit from hearing instruments …


Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss Early

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Hearing loss is a common condition among older Americans, affecting one in three people, age 65 and older. Even as people begin to notice changes in their hearing abilities, they wait an average of seven years before deciding to seek treatment. In this time, the loss of hearing may take a big toll on a person’s health and relationships. Hearing …

Volunteers Bring Stories to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students in Little Havana

Volunteers Bring Stories to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students in Little Havana

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The task of learning to read is more difficult for children who can’t hear, but it is also more crucial that they do so. Literacy skills are invaluable for people that are deaf or hard-of-hearing, as they depend more on written means of communicating, such as emails and telecommunication devices for the telephone, later in life. Reading also brings countless …


Rate of Hearing Loss Dropping, New Study Reveals

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Great news for the new year: rates of hearing loss are dropping, according to a recently published study from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. While previous estimates from institutions such as the World Health Organization have predicted a rise in hearing loss among younger populations (1.1. billion teens and kids worldwide in developed countries), this news …


Hearing Loss from Everyday Noises?

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One in ten Americans experience hearing loss ( A huge range of factors can cause hearing loss, which affects 360 million people worldwide (, but exposure to noise is one of the most common reason behind hearing loss. This is likely because people often do not realize how exposed we are to noises that could affect our hearing on a …


Healthy Eating Equals Healthy Hearing

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Most doctors and nutritionists advise use to eat healthy, well-rounded meals for a reason. There are many foods that provide our bodies with essential nutrients to keep them running properly and to even help prevent the onset of unwelcome medical conditions. Did you know that the top three medical conditions in the US are heart disease, arthritis, and hearing loss? …


Miami Musician with Hearing Loss Creates Music to ‘Hamilton’

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Throughout history, we have seen artists and musicians overcome obstacles to create incredible and inspiring cultural work. One prime example is Ludwig van Beethoven, who famously chopped off the legs of his piano and composed music based on the vibrations he felt on this floor. In our modern times, musician and composer Alex Lacamoire has overcome his own hearing loss …