Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center - A Link Between Hearing Loss & Accidental Injury

Hearing Loss and Accidental Injury

Untreated hearing loss means you are missing out on so many things, so many of those small sounds that make your day and probably, a lot of social activities you are just skipping. In addition to missing out on a big section of things that keeps the “quality” in the quality of your life, untreated hearing loss can also increase your risk of accidental injury.

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Surveys point out risks

Analysis of years of data accumulated by National Health Interview Surveys done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gives credence to links between untreated hearing loss and increased injuries in adults.

Even people with a just a slight hearing loss issue are at an increased risk for injury from accidents, according to the surveys. The data involved analyzed accidental injuries using a cross-section of adults.

Injuries were reported by 2.8% of the adults over a three-month period and the odds of injury doubled for adults reporting hearing issues. Those reporting hearing loss were likely to be injured playing sports or engaging in leisure activities. And sports and leisure activities are great for socialization, keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

There were also reports of driving incidents related to hearing loss, although those were fewer than the other activities.
The greater the hearing loss, the greater the likelihood of an accident at work, and in the areas of leisure and sporting activities. Those who reported a minor hearing loss were 60% more likely to have an injury, those who reported a moderate loss were 70% more likely and those who said they had “a lot” of hearing loss were 90% more likely to have an accident. If you have untreated hearing loss and have not had an accident – you are beating the odds. But how long can that continue?

Injury risk and leisure activities

With retirement and the senior years comes more time for leisure and social activities. That makes it doubly unfortunate that the risk of accidental injury involving leisure activities is higher concerning individuals with untreated hearing loss. Hearing loss can be part of aging, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be treated. Aging also leads to some mobility issues, couple that with hearing loss and accidental injury and you’ve got a double whammy!

You should be enjoying yourself in your senior years – risk free. If you have untreated hearing loss, those enjoyable leisure activities can be risky.

If you enjoy a leisurely walk will you hear someone coming up behind you on a bike that just expects you to move over? Will you be able to enjoy the walk with a fiend if you can’t hear them?

Increased fall dangers

The dangers of a fall increase with hearing loss which puts you at risk if you enjoy hiking, rock climbing or other outside activities by yourself. The brain is a marvelous creation, but it only has so much processing ability at one time.
Studies show if you are concentrating on listening because you are compensating for hearing loss there is less brain power to process other things going on around you. You are more likely to slip or lose your balance if your brain is compensating for hearing loss.
A lot of the enjoyment of outdoor activities involves those unique sounds in nature. The sound of the creek, crickets and songbirds – they all contribute to the outdoor experience.

Driving and home issues

Driving involves a lot more multi-tasking and hearing is important to avoid an accident. Can you hear your GPS, the radio, a friend talking to you AND a siren from an emergency vehicle behind you? Can you hear another driving honking the horn?
Answering most of the time isn’t good enough. Getting a ticket because of a hearing issue can mean the loss of your license and your independence!
There is a danger of falls at home if your brain is compensating for hearing loss and there are other home safety concerns. Will you hear the smoke or carbon monoxide detector? Will you hear the microwave “finish” alert? Will you hear the timer on your oven?

Be safer, hear better – get tested

Today is the day – give Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center a call and schedule a hearing evaluation. Our professional staff will work with you to get a hearing treatment plan that is right for you. Did you know you can even “test drive” hearing aids until we find the one that works best for you?