How Hearing Aids Improve Your Safety

How Hearing Aids Can Improve Your Safety

That hearing aids contribute to a better quality of life is a well-known fact. They not only make it possible to hear and communicate clearly, but they also reduce stress, inspire social activity to keep us connected to our loved ones and improve one’s overall physical and mental well-being. In addition to these important benefits, hearing devices have the ability to improve the wearer’s personal safety and security. Let’s take a look at some of the ways these small devices can increase a person’s awareness of their environment, and keep them out of harm’s way.

Improved Safety at Home

One of the most important things a hearing device can do is enable you to hear those crucial, yet often quiet, sounds in your home. An oven timer going off, a pot of water boiling over and sizzling on the stove, a knock on the door — being unable to hear these sounds due to hearing loss can greatly impact one’s domestic safety. Hearing aids add an invaluable layer of comfort and security to the wearer, so they can truly relax at home.

Take Shannon and her grandmother – “Gram”. In her mid-seventies, “Gram” became hard of hearing. Her family tried to compensate by speaking louder or repeating themselves, not knowing this was allowing Gram to remain in denial about her hearing loss and delay treatment. She stubbornly refused to have her hearing tested for a long time, but finally after much frustration and countless misunderstandings, Gram was fitted for hearing aids and began to enjoy clearer, more engaged socializing with her family members.

It turns out “Gram” received her hearing aids just in time. Only three weeks later, she was home alone cooking dinner and went to sit down in the living room. She ended up falling asleep, while her dinner burned and caught fire. Luckily, thanks to her new hearing aids, she heard the fire alarm blasting and was startled awake. She acted quickly, finding the fire extinguisher and calling the fire department. Fortunately, no lasting damage was sustained. Regarding the dramatic experience Shannon says, “I am so thankful she was able to overcome her misconceptions about hearing aids in time, because I firmly believe it saved her life.”

Improved Safety When Out and About

Whether on the way to work, the supermarket, or a friend’s house, there are countless instances of our sense of hearing being crucial to our safety. It is imperative to be able to hearing warning sounds–such as a car coming around the corner–and respond accordingly. Our other senses do a great deal to keep us safe, but our hearing also plays a vital role in warning us of potential dangers.

Take the case of Christine Bowden, a UK woman with profound hearing loss who saved the lives of two capsized sailors after hearing their cries. Amazingly, and quite fortunately for the sailors, Christine had been fitted for hearing aids only 24 hours before the accident. When she heard cries coming from about ½ mile from the shore but couldn’t see any bodies, she called the local emergency number and lifeboats were deployed immediately. The sailors “owed her and hearing aids their lives” according to paramedics who found both men close to exhaustion when they were rescued. Says Christine: “They were very lucky. I just got my hearing aids the morning before. “I was virtually deaf before and had them for less than 24 hours.”

Overall Security and Independence

According to a study conducted by EuroTrak in 2015, which measured the non-auditory benefits of hearing aid use on a global scale, 88% of Americans surveyed stated that their hearing aids occasionally or regularly improve their quality of life. In Switzerland an impressive 93% stated hearing aids improve their quality of life. In regards to their feeling of personal safety, security, and independence, about half the respondents reported feeling more safe and secure after being fitted with hearing aids.

Hearing aids are vital — not only for engaging effectively with the world around you, but also for staying safe while navigating through it. Why not have your hearing tested today?

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