Celebrate World Hearing Day on March 3 with a Hearing Test

[World Hearing Day is held on March 3 each year to raise awareness on how to prevent deafness and hearing loss. The annual World Hearing Day seminar is held each year at The World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters in Geneva and is a way to promote hearing loss awareness internationally.  In recent years, an increasing number of countries have joined World Hearing Day by hosting a range of activities and events around the world!

Each year, to celebrate World Hearing Day, WHO chooses a theme! On World Hearing Day 2019, WHO draws attention to the importance of early identification and intervention for hearing loss. Many people live with undiagnosed hearing loss, often not realizing that they are missing on so much from life.  Not only does hearing loss affect what is audible to you it can affect your health, well-being and earning power. 

World Hearing Day is an important reminder that hearing loss is a major public health issue around the globe. It is important to be aware of the significant human and economic cost of untreated hearing loss and the need to act now – for the future.

This year’s campaign highlights that everyone deserves to hear what the world has to offer. The campaign encourages everyone to reach out today to people they know who might be struggling to hear.

The Benefits of Hearing Aids

Preventative Health- There is a huge portion of the human brain, an entire ‘cortex’ actually, devoted to the interpreting and processing of speech and sound. Researchers have pointed to a link between untreated hearing loss and issues with cognitive ability.    

  • Mental Health – There has long been a link between hearing loss and depression. This is due to a pretty straightforward mechanism, wherein hearing loss leads to social impairment, which leads to withdrawal, which leads to depression due to lack of normalized social interaction.
  • Physical Health – Some first-time hearing aid users have reported greater social savvy and have embraced musically-inclined activities like ballroom or swing dancing, or group sports where they can actually hear the plays being called, and have thus improved physical well-being.

Impact of untreated hearing loss

Several studies have documented the impact of untreated hearing loss. A nationwide survey of nearly 4,000 adults with hearing loss and their significant others showed significantly higher rates of depression, anxiety, and other psychosocial disorders in individuals with hearing loss who were not wearing hearing aids. Thus, hearing loss greatly increases the risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease –  conditions that affect our recall and memory. Early intervention at the first sign of hearing loss is essential to keeping your clear mind and sharp wit, even into old age.

Importance of early diagnosis for people and hearing tests

Despite the work and lifestyle limitations of untreated hearing loss, a recent study found that most people impacted by hearing loss are not taking the necessary steps to seek treatment. In fact, only 42% of those who reportedly have a severe hearing loss wear hearing aids. People who suffer from hearing loss often wait seven to ten years before they ever get their hearing checked while their quality of life suffers.  The study reported almost one-fourth (23%) of individuals with hearing loss said their hearing loss is affecting their success in the workplace, while 25% said hearing loss is affecting their earning potential. Approximately 40% of the individuals who reported having a hearing loss said that it has affected their home life. Watching TV with others and social gatherings are the areas that people with hearing loss avoid most. More than half (57%) of people with hearing loss said they often have difficulty hearing on a cell phone.

Get Your Hearing Checked for World Hearing Day!

In line with WHO’s theme, “Check Your Hearing!,” why not schedule a hearing test today? If the results come back normal, you can move forward with the confidence of knowing you have good hearing health. If a hearing loss is discovered, you can avoid so many potential health and personal issues with treatment. Identifying hearing loss and early treatment can change your life for the better on many levels. Take yourself and maybe even a loved one to get your hearing checked this March 3! Contact us at Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center to schedule an appointment.