Are Two Hearing Aids Better Than One?

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Mark Rahman, BC-HIS

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Mark Rahman, BC-HIS

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Hearing loss may have significant impacts on one’s life, from work to relationships as well as emotional well-being. However, your hearing problems should not be seen as a condemnation- never to hear again. The hearing aid may come up with significant differences, especially when you get the right one and seek the help of adjusting them. However, you may get into more significant trouble referred to cognitive decline in case you fail to find medical care sooner than you realize that you have hearing problems. Therefore, to improve the chances of gaining your hearing or avoiding further damages, consider using the hearing aids.

Are you ready to deal with your hearing loss? You should not continue with the dilemmas about the hearing aid to get. The queries of whether to wear two hearing aids or one should stop lingering in your mind. This article will help you to make the right decision.

Comparison between One and Two Hearing Aids

Before you think of wearing hearing aids in or at the back of your ear, you have to seek medical advice. Ear specialists must diagnose the extent of damages as well as determine if you have hearing loss in both ears. In bilateral hearing loss, you are highly recommended to get used to two hearing aids. The electronic gadgets are programmed in a way that each aid has its own power.

Therefore, with two electronic devices, you will have the potential of hearing as twice as a person having one. However, the aids you wear in both ears should have the same amplification level at the same time. According to scientific research, it’s recommended to begin the remedy of a hearing case with two aids. Below are the benefits of using two hearing aids.

Reduced Auditory Deprivation Risks

The case where you cannot hear sounds in spite of how loud is known as auditory deprivation. It is most likely that you can cause your brain to become less effective. Depriving your hearing organ sounds could affect nerve paths, as well. However, due to injuries or other causes of hearing problems, you ought to use hearing gadgets to tap sounds. Wearing will mean that both ears will be at top performance as they pick up sounds. When only nerves from one ear work with sound systems, it will mean that the other part does not have stimulus. According to scientific research and a study reported by the Journal of American Academy of Audiology, people with one aid have recognition problems caused by nerve paths compared to others using two hearing aids that have better recognition ability.

Improved Sound Quality

A significant factor that makes people pick the two ear aids is to ensure they can hear clearly. Although you are experiencing hearing loss, it should not mean you only hear at an average level and not clear. With unclear sounds, more woes may be spelled your way as you will barely understand what is spoken. You should have no better course for seeking medical help when you cannot understand speech. In a pronounced research quality as well as clarity, improvements were observed with people using two aids.

Minimal Amplification Levels

A binaural summation is a gain of two hearing aids you cannot ignore. With stimulus presented to both ears compared to one, higher intensity is perceived. Furthermore, the two-aid-users have improved the capacity of discriminating frequencies to extents of understanding if the person talking is in a noisy environment. Moreover, you will not need to turn up your volume since the high-power output is provided.

Discerning Direction of Sounds

You can’t imagine hearing someone talk and you cannot tell what side or direction the sound comes from. With one hearing device, the nerve path may fail to communicate to the brain the direction. Localization can be a tricky thing when only a single ear is working. Furthermore, according to Dr. Francis Kuk, wearing two aids can be the first binaural cue.

You need to realize that memory is not the only part affected by failing to perceive sounds. Concentration also declines when nerve paths fail to function. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that you get the right hearing aid. Keep your nerves and all ear parts active by wearing two-sided aids that will stimulate the left and right ear.