• I’ve been to other hearing aid centers and I can tell you Mark and Emily provide the best patient care in town….not to mention I love these wireless hearing aids.

    – C.B

  • I honestly can’t say enough about how great this experience has been. Mark, Emily, and Kim are warm, knowledgeable, and helpful beyond belief. I didn’t realize how “hard of hearing” I was. After shopping around I was doubtful that I’d find anything that worked for me in my price range. I’m thankful that I hung in there and waited to meet them to purchase my hearing aids. Great experience! Thank you.

    – Elaine P.

  • Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center is one of the best hearing aid centers! Mark Rahman and Emily are the best. They are compassionate, responsive and helpful. They provide great value, outstanding service, and excellent products

    – Terry W.

  • Simply the best follow-up care and service you can find anywhere!

    – Robert W.

  • Superior and caring customer service. They helped me out of a difficult situation quickly.

    – Bob T.

Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center

Hearing Aids in Sarasota, FL


At Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center, we’ve been helping people in the Sarasota area to hear better for nearly four decades. Our team of Florida Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialists are experts at identifying the right solution to improve your hearing.  Let us guide you through the process of finding the best hearing aids for you. As an independently owned practice, we carry a full line of major manufacturers’ hearing instruments to guarantee that you are completely satisfied with your choice in hearing aids.

To schedule a free hearing test, give us a call at 941-922-5894 or visit us at 2170 Gulf Gate Drive Sarasota, FL

Oticon - Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center

Phonak - Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center

ReSound - Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center

Siemens - Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center
Starkey - Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center

Widex - Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center


CALL: (941) 922-5894

We Make House Calls!

  • Hearing Analysis

    Your ears will be visually examined with an otoscope and you’ll be tested with state-of-the-art equipment. Your results will be illustrated in an audiogram that we will explain to you.

  • Lifestyle Discussion

    We want to know the types of sound environments you frequent and the activities you enjoy to help customize the best solution.

  • Hearing Aid Options

    If it’s determined that hearing aids can help, we will show you the best solutions to fit your budget, unique needs, and lifestyle.

Free Hearing Evaluations

Whether you are a new patient, an existing patient of Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center, or you purchased your hearing instruments elsewhere, hearing evaluations are free of charge!

Contact Us to Schedule

2170 Gulf Gate Drive
Sarasota, FL 34231

(941) 922-5894

Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center is conveniently located near Gulf Gate Mall.


Gulf Gate Hearing Aid Center

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